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Brothers In Arms

There was never any question that two Nephite warriors would go into enemy lands to free their brother from a Lamanite prison.

But bringing their brother's wife on the arduous journey was probably not Jashon's best idea. They could move so much faster without Keturah, and her beauty is more than a little distracting. Lamech isn’t faring any better than his brother. He’s used to protecting himself in enemy lands, but protecting his captain's pretty sister from a Lamanite spy with designs on her heart is a complication he has no training for.

Watching sweet Sarai fall in love with her brooding watchdog is small consolation for Salome when her own heart is breaking. Meeting Jashon and his kinsmen near the River Sidon was a stroke of luck, but she only hopes Jashon can do what he promises and bring her son back safely.

As the brothers travel deeper into the ancient land of their fathers, a land where the right path is not always clear, they will find that their brother was not the only man who needed to be saved.

Enjoy these stories together in this edition of Brothers In Arms, or experience the stories separately in Parts 1 and 2.

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